Sunday, October 16, 2016

Leson defses (16) / Defsesi leson

CARDINAL NUMBERS are invariable:

1,  unu,  2  du,  3  ce (combining form:  cev-),  4  par, pin,  6  sis,  sep,  of,  9  nef,  10 dec                         

The numerals between 13 and 17 and also 19  have modifications to the "10" component:  11  decunu,   12 devdu, 13 defce,  14  despar,  15 despin,  16 defsis,   17 defsep,  18  decof,  19 dexnef.

The numerals 40, 50, etc, again, have modifications for the tens place number:    dudec, cedec, padecpidecsidec, sedec, odecnedec.  

The numerals 400 -  900 have the same modification in the hundreds place as 40 - 90 have in the 10s place:  200  dusat,  300  cesat,    400  pasat,    500   pisat,   600  sisat,   700  sesat,   800  osat,   900  nesat

1000  mil

Numerals between the multiples (below 999) are created by simple juxtaposition of the elements:  56   pidec sis,   437  pasat cedec sep,  7261  sep mil dusat sidec unu.  As can be seen by this past example, "mil" is usually written separately from the number that modifies it, even though, according to the rules, it should be attached to the numeral preceding it.

"million" is "milion"

And finally, "-ole" meaning "multiplied by"causes no modifications since it starts with -o-:  duole par esar of.   2 x 4 is 8.

Kutom da jels?  How many years?
Kutom esar ceole par?  How much are 3 times 4?

Kutomi esar sa cas?  What time is it?  (Which"th" is the hour?)
Esar sa pari cas.     It's four o'clock ((it) is the fourth hour).
Esar sa pari cas kaj despin.  It's 4:15.

1.  Kutom da infans avar sa jodisto?   Li avar par infans.
2.  Kutom da infans idar a nui daskun?  Sat cedec unu idar a nui daskun.
3.  Kutom da infaniks daskar sa daskajo?  Li daskar pidec ce infansen.
4.  Ci esar maj file da infanins?  Anu, ni avar sedec of infanins en sa daskun.
5.  Kutom da infanins esar en xuti daskunel?  Esar padec en unu daskunel kaj cedec of en sa ali.
6.  Kutom esar despin kaj cedec du?  Ki esar padec sep.
7.  Kutom esar sefoje dudec?  Ki esar sat padec.
8.  Kutom esar devdufoje nef?  Ki esar sat of.
9.  Kutom esar safoje pidec ce? Ki esar pin mil cesat.
10. Kutom de dinajos avar tui tadik?  Li avar ce dinajiksen, du dinajinsen kaj unu kipisto, kuto esar sis dinajosen.
11.  Kutom de jad(o)s vi vidar?  Mi nu vidar filisen; mi axar, ke mi vidar dudec jadsen.
12.  Kutom de coveks esor xe vi ojdene?  Ni avor ojdene xe ni cedec herinsen kaj udec of heriksen.

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